To Whom It May Concern:

I Have worked with Woodstone Earth Construction on two projects. My experience has been that both Gary Rogers and Jim Norman are very cooperative and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend WoodStone Earth Construction, INC.!

Glenn Hall, P.E.
Senior Civil Engineer

Glenn Hall, P.E.


DASNY appreciated the work your company provided us at SUNY Oswego building the required Army Corp of Engineers two acre wetland. We were very pleased that when Gary and his crew of men started the layout and excavation they continued on until it was finished. They finished ahead of the schedule and we did not have any change order project. WoodStone Earth did the very important wetland plantings and restored the whole site back to original. DASNY is happy to say everything looks good and we are very satisfied with the final project outcome. Thanks for bidding our project and we look forward to working with WoodStone Earth again in the future.

Chris Cameron
Project Manager DASNY

Chris Cameron


Glenn F. Thornton P.E.


29 December 2013
Dear Mr. Rogers:

WoodStone Earth personnel had to work directly with AES personnel throughout the project as the final grading and topsoil work had to coincide with the vegetative planting and soil stabilization work done by AES. Both groups worked well together throughout the course of the project ensuring proper conditions for planting and soil stabilization and maintaining the required SWPPP measures.

Vector Construction was responsible for constructing the section of the brook within the new bridge project limits. WoodStone Earth had to coordinate their brook construction work with Vector’s brook construction work so the brook would flow as designed. WoodStone finished their work to the bridge project limits and Vector had no issues connecting their work with WoodStone’s work.
The stone materials required for the brook construction were provided by SMI. WoodStone Earth personnel had to work with SMI personnel to get the stone hauled from a stockpile location on site to the brook construction location.

WoodStone Earth was required to coordinate the work and construct the channel under the conditions of several existing permits and authorizations which included New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and US Army Corps of Engineers wetland permits, the FEMA flood insurance program, and a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan.

Getting Black Brook relocated during 2012 was essential with respect to the next phases of the SMI landfill expansion. WoodStone Earth started construction in November 2011 amidst poor weather conditions and worked through the winter months. Although it was difficult working conditions, WoodStone Earth did a fantastic job getting much of the west side channel constructed prior to summer months. Sincerely,

Seneca Meadows, Inc.

Brian Ostling
Town of Chili

Re: letter of recommendation to Woodstone Earth Construction

June5, 2013

Woodstone Earth Construction lnc. was hired by the Town of Chili in August of 2011, for the purpose of
providing the site work services for the construction of our new Highway/DPW facility.

The initial portion of the work involved removing app. 1l acres of topsoil and then shaping the topsoil to the
new contours of the developed project. During this process, Woodstone took great care to manage the removal
of the spoils so that there were no muddy sections or pooling of water. The site always drained itself after a
rainfall.By doing this, the site was able to be accessed more readily after a rain event.

Throughout the entire construction process, Woodstone has been a good company to work with. They built the
project according to the specifications and made some good recommendations throughout. Whenever anything
needed to be remedied, they responded in a timely fashion and always followed up to make sure we were

As is the case with all construction projects, a few items needed to be negotiated. Woodstone approached these
negotiations positively, and we always curme away with a satisfactory solution.

I would highly recommend that Woodstone be considered as a potential bidder/contractor on your next project


Brian Ostling
Deputy Commissioner of Public Works
Town of Chili, NY

Brian Ostling

Midlakes Development and Construction, Ltd.

Jack Howitt, CEO